jeudi 17 mai 2007

Croquis au fusain

Buongiorno tutti !
Je n'aurais qu'une chose à dire: vive les jours fériés pour gribouiller tranquillement.

Ces deux-ci sont sur des A3, et d'après photo pour pas changer...

(l'oeil est "un peu" raté, je crois ^^)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Bruno I absolutly LOVE ur art !! keep up the good( brilliant) work and I wish u all the very best luck on getting into ur school!! " VERY JEALOUS!!" Hmpf
anyways ... everyone loves charcol and I wish the boys in my class were as motivated as u!! Ur the best!! lol
Not sure what else I can say except ... I hope that for christmas .. u will paint me something for a present.... I will try 2 aswell ... I'll have the time then!!! :P

Kate XX

Narmo a dit…

Thank you so much Kate !
It makes me want to draw more and more, really. I wish I am as good as you tell but ya know, i've so much left to learn.